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Much Ado About… A Dress Code? July 16, 2007

Posted by Maddog in Religion and Social Issues.
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temple-driving.jpgWhy in the world did some people make such a big fuss about the guidelines issued by the Archdiocese of Manila for proper attire at Mass? Non-Catholic ecclesial communities and many secular organizations have dress codes too. Why can’t there be one for something as holy and important as the Mass?

The Mass is not a trivial or casual activity like shopping at the mall or hanging out at a coffee shop. It is supposed to be the highest formal worship event of the Catholic Church. It is where we re-enter into the sacrifice that Christ made on Calvary, and where we partake of his real Body and Blood.

Doesn’t that deserve a little more respect and solemnity from believers?

We wear special clothes to show respect for our hosts and peers on other occasions such as weddings, board meetings, and civic club inductions, don’t we? Most professionals also wear proper office attire when they go to work or meet clients. Judges, lawyers, and even the general public have to wear decent clothes in court too. Even politicians (many of whom may not even deserve to be in their respective positions) have to be properly dressed in Congress and at the Senate.

Why is the Mass — and its real host: God Himself — not to be given as much respect?



Petition Against MMDA Helmet Rules July 3, 2007

Posted by Maddog in Politics and Law.
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It’s time to take action against the MMDA and it’s arrogant chair, Bayani Fernando! I’ve started an online petition against the MMDA’s stupid helmet rules. The URL of the petition is:


Please sign the petition. Let’s teach Bayani Fernando that he can’t boss people around like some arrogant bully. The text of the petition is below. Please note that the text can no longer be changed.