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Petition Against MMDA Helmet Rules July 3, 2007

Posted by Maddog in Politics and Law.

It’s time to take action against the MMDA and it’s arrogant chair, Bayani Fernando! I’ve started an online petition against the MMDA’s stupid helmet rules. The URL of the petition is:


Please sign the petition. Let’s teach Bayani Fernando that he can’t boss people around like some arrogant bully. The text of the petition is below. Please note that the text can no longer be changed.

Against Dangerous MMDA Helmet Rules

We are concerned persons who view with dismay the planned imposition by the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) of new motorcycle helmet rules in MMDA Resolution No. 07-07.

We are particularly distressed by the “No Face Shield” policy, which requires back riders of motorcycles on Manila’s streets to put up their face shields, or to otherwise leave their faces unprotected. The MMDA claims this helps identify and catch criminals using motorcycles.

We also object to the “Dual Motorcycle and Helmet License Plate Numbers Policy”, which requires motorcycle riders to place large stickers bearing their motorcycle license plate numbers on their helmets.

Helmets and their fitments are safety devices and are not primarily designed for concealment. Helmet face shields provide motorcycle passengers protection against glare, insects, debris, and other objects. Without such protection, motorcycle passengers can be directly injured by a flying object. Unprotected riders may also react violently to being hit in the face, causing them to fall off or set the motorcycle off balance, endangering riders and pedestrians alike.

Full-face helmets cover the entire face and provide even better protection than face shields, but the new MMDA rules may also prohibit these proven safety devices since the rules require that a passenger’s face be exposed.

We also note that even Chief Superintendent Errol Pan, Philippine National Police (PNP) Traffic Management Group (TMG) director, has said that requiring motorcycle riders to place license numbers on their helmets would NOT make it easier to catch motorcycle-riding criminals.

Furthermore, owners of two or more motorcycles cannot place all the license numbers on a single helmet, forcing them to purchase additional expensive, certified helmets. Worse, those without sufficient finances may be forced to buy cheap, unsafe helmets, in order to comply with MMDA regulations.

Helmet manufacturers themselves also caution against using adhesives or paints on helmets as these may weaken their protective outer shells. The “permanently placed” stickers required by the MMDA may therefore damage helmets.

Finally, we also wish to cite the 1991 ruling of the Supreme Court which said that the MMDA does not have legislative powers. The MMDA’s rules require local ordinances to be enforced.

The MMDA’s new rules are impractical, useless, unlawful, and very dangerous. They should not be implemented.

Please sign the petition! I already did.


Update to this post

Protest Sticker Against MMDA Helmet Rules.

Download this file (JPEG format), print it out, and affix to your bike. If you put it on your helmet, use some temporary means only (like scotch tape).

Protest Against MMDA Sticker



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