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A Small Victory For Reason August 3, 2007

Posted by Maddog in Politics and Law.

sticker_on_helmet.jpgFilipinos concerned about stupidity and abuse of authority in government can take some consolation in one small victory. It looks like Bayani Fernando’s unbelievably idiotic helmet rules will not be imposed for now. This good news was reported in the Manila Times article, MMDA defers bike helmet ordinance, which came out last July 28. Here is part of it:

MOTORCYCLE riders who are against the Metro Mayors’ Council’s resolution requiring them to print on their helmets the license plates of their vehicles can relax for the mean time: The Metro Manila Development Authority has deferred the implementation of the ordinance.

MMDA Chairman Bayani Fernando on Thursday asked the representative of the National Capital Region Police District (NCRPO) to study the issues and concerns raised by the Motorcycle Philippines Federation.

. . .

Fernando asked Police Supt. Rey Roderos, deputy director for operations NCRPO, to meet with various groups of motorcycle riders led by the MPF before the agency implements the rules and regulations (IRR).

This is to make sure that the law will be favorable to all parties and will serve its true purpose of preventing crime and protecting the citizens, Fernando said.

Of course, this is not the end. Fernando could still try to find some way to implement this ridiculous stupidity. But at least we have more time to make him realize that his plan will achieve none of his stated objectives.

One wonders why this brouhaha went the way it did. If Fernando had done his homework — or at lease consulted with the motorcycle community — he would have realized how useless and dangerous his proposals were. But that didn’t happen. Instead, for several weeks, he chose to be obstinate and grandstand like some traditional politician (trapo).

Now that the facts of the issue have come out, more and more people are realizing that Fernanado was dead wrong. All his posturing got him was egg all over his face.

Well, he deserved it. Next time, Bayani, try thinking a little more first.

This successful action against the MMDA should be a lesson for all trapos: abuse of authority and stupidity can be stopped if we band together and bring out the truth. People acting as one can wield power that is far greater than the sum of their individual strengths.

Are the trapos listening? They had better be!



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