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Culture of Death, Culture of Denial September 12, 2007

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Abortion video from Abort73.ComAs it does periodically, the claim that a high abortion rate can be reduced through even more vigorous population control using artificial contraceptives has resurfaced lately. This time it came in the form of statements within a news report on the number of abortions every year in the Philippines. The report put the annual abortion rate at around 400,000!

That number is truly scandalous in a country that is supposed to be predominantly Catholic. It is, as one Filipino writer penned in “The Monumental Modern-day Filipino Holocaust“, a “mockery of Christ’s teachings”.

But granted that we are against abortion, is contraception the way to prevent it?

The Big Lie

While it may at first seem obvious that preventing so-called “unwanted” pregnancies should lessen the number of abortions, the opposite is in fact true. The contraceptive and “safe sex” mindset leads to increased promiscuity and a false confidence that contraceptives are truly effective. This, of course leads to more contraceptive failures since the total number of sexual encounters increases. And this, in turn, leads to more people resorting to abortion as a backup method to contraception.

This deadly dynamic is outlined in more detail by Rev. Thomas J Euteneuer, President of Human Life International, in the video “Does Contraception Prevent Abortion?” If you can’t view the video, a transcript of part of Fr. Euteneuer’s message is below:

Let’s first consider one basic fact: Abortion is a multi-billion dollar business, and no business wants to reduce its bottom line. While you and I work towards eliminating abortion, the abortion industry has a vested interest in increasing those numbers. More abortions simply mean more profit. Granted, some embrace abortion for other reasons, but profit is the bottom line of the abortion business. In 2004 Planned Parenthood made about $90 million in revenues just selling abortion to American women.

And, their clients: women with unexpected and unwanted pregnancies.

Given this client base, there are three main reasons why the abortion industry needs contraception:

The first is that the increase of contraceptive use increases the amount of promiscuity in a culture. Contraception severs the link between sexual union and childbearing. No longer is sexual activity the exclusive domain of marriage but can be treated as a recreational activity supposedly without the responsibility of children. The so-called unwanted pregnancies that result from a promiscuous contraceptive culture are what drive the demand for abortion. Remember — the more promiscuity, the more unwanted pregnancies there are, and the more unwanted pregnancies, the more abortions there will be.

Secondly, all methods of contraception fail to prevent pregnancy a certain percentage of the time either through flaws in the method or through misuse. People have been so indoctrinated with the “safe sex” message that the potential for contraceptive failure is never even considered — until it happens of course — and then, faced with a crisis, people turn to
quick fix solutions to escape the problem that was created by contraception in the first place. According to the Guttmacher Association, an affiliate of Planned Parenthood, close to 60% of all women going into abortion mills do so because their contraception has failed. In other words, they are using abortion as a back-up to failed contraception.

Finally, contraception does not prevent abortion because contraception is, in many cases, a form of abortion. Medical science informs us that all hormonal methods of contraception may actually cause abortions at the earliest stages of pregnancy due to their chemical assault on the lining of the uterus which forbids the implantation of a newly-conceived baby a certain percentage of the time. That’s chemical abortion, and in the end we have the same result as surgical abortion: the death of an innocent human being.

Even studies from groups that are hostile to the pro-life movement seem to back up the claim that contraceptive use results in greater promiscuity. For example, in the study Trends in Premarital Sex in the United States, 1954-2003, by Lawrence Finer, Director of Domestic Research at The Guttmacher Institute, it was noted that the increase in premarital sex in a group of teens turning 15 during the years 1964-1973 “may be partly due to increased availability of effective contraception (in particular, the pill), which made it less likely that sex would lead to pregnancy.”

Combined with known contraceptive failure rates, you have more “unwanted” pregnancies. Below is one online rendition of these failure rates copied from “Contraceptive Failure Rates – Pregnancy and Disease Prevention“:

Table 1. Corrected and standardized method failure rates, by method and duration.

Method Failure Rate, 1st Six months Failure Rate, 1st 12 months Increase of failure between six and 12 months
Implant 0.10% 1.40% 1.30%
Injectable 1.00% 2.60% 1.60%
Pill 4.30% 8.10% 3.80%
Diaphragm/Cervical cap 8.60% 15.90% 7.30%
Male Condom 8.80% 14.70% 5.90%
Spermicides 17.10% 29.00% 11.90%
Withdrawal 16.30% 27.10% 10.80%
Periodic abstinence* 17.50% 25.30% 7.80%
* Does not reflect NFP failure rates which, are equal to the Pill. Periodic abstinence reflects the old “rhythm” method, occassional sex, etc. (author’s notes)

(Source: Family Planning Perspectives, Table 1, p 60, Vol 31, Number 2, March / April 1999)

The United States is one huge case study that totally demolishes the claim that increased contraception reduces abortion. This sad situation has been repeated in many other countries such as Russia.

A Generation In Denial

It is truly amazing that there are still Filipinos that continue to hide their heads in the sand and ignore this obvious and demonstrable reality. They simply refuse to accept the link between contraception usage and abortion — except maybe to claim (erroneously) that contraception is needed to prevent abortion.

Apparently the “overpopulation” myth and its attendant call for ever more contraception is so deeply ingrained in their minds that they are no longer open to contrary ideas. In the many online debates in which I engage on Internet mailing lists, I am often met with outright hostility and a steadfast refusal to consider the hard evidence that I present. Some even go so far as to denigrate the usefulness of scientific data, prefering their unsupported pet theories and personal opinions instead!

There is an entire generation of Filipinos that have been brainwashed with the population explosion scare, a bogey that dates back to 1960s. Unfortunately, members of that generation are now in positions of influence and even power where they can continue to perpetrate the overpopulation/contraception myths.

We must reach out to those who are deceived by the culture of death. Although we have the facts and the numbers on our side, so many brainwashed people are simply immune to rational arguments. To make things even harder, we are also weak and imperfect, lacking in wisdom and eloquence.

In our weakness, however, we can — and must — turn to Christ in prayer and hope. This is a fight we cannot win on our own. I believe, however, that in Him it is a fight that was won even before it started.

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1. reynor - September 20, 2007

Great article Manny, thanks for sharing it. In this society of ours there couldnt be a need more than the present.

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