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Suggestions for Prolife Month February 21, 2008

Posted by Maddog in Catholicism, Politics and Law, Prolife Issues, Religion and Social Issues.

February is ProLife month. So that means this post is a lot later than it should be. Still, I’ve put together some suggestions thatordinary people can do this month — or any time of the year — to promote a Culture of Life.

1. Expose the lie that contraception can lead to fewer abortions. The exact opposite is true. There is information on that issue in the ProLife Philippines website, LifeSiteNews, Human Life International, Population Research Institute, and many others. Download and pass this information around via e-mail, text messages, instant messaging, and if you can afford to, print them out as flyers and handouts.

2. Vote and speak out against the authors and supporters of the anti-life bills in the Senate and in Congress. These include Rep. Lagman, Rep. Remulla and Sen. Biazon (not sure if Biazon will run again though). Write to your local and national legislators and oppose the various “reproductive health” ordinances which are promoting the contraceptive mentality that eventually leads to abortion.

3. Make a small contribution to ProLife Philippines. You can also subscribe to their magazine, Love Life. Help them educate our people on the many issues involved. Education is key.

4. Most important, make a firm resolution to resist irresponsible behavior and be faithful to your Church and your spouse. No one is perfect, but we still have to try.

These suggestions are not national or global in scale, but can make a real difference when enough people carry them out.

General Objectives Related to a Culture fo Life

Here are some more general goals that are related to building a Culture of Life. I post hese in the hope others can come up with more specific suggestions to attain them.

Promote Education in Life Values. We first have to disabuse ourselves of the notion of an “unwanted” pregnancy. An unplanned one is not necessariy “unwanted” as a great many women have found out. I know several who thought their pregnances were “unwanted”, and later found them to be wonderful blessings in disguise. Again, education in the value of life and faith is key here. So we have to help support (or organize support if we are capable) for the organizations that engage in this kind of education.

The ProLife Philippines site has a number of initiatives towards this end. I also believe my earlier suggestions will also help in reducing irresponsible behavior in general and educating our people.

Promote Governance Reform. We must also realize that the hardships many people face in raising responsible children (who will eventually become parents) is closely related to the state of governance of our country. An immoral, massively corrupt administration impoverishes our people, resulting in poor education, lack of economic opportunities, poor public services, and contributes to a general atmosphere of greed and apathy. So reform in our political system is urgently needed. Ang Kapatiran, the political party, has made the initial step towards that goal. If they remain faithful to their ideals, that party deserves our support and our votes.

Promote A ProLife Mindset. This can be done by supporting the Church and its educational organizations and lay organizations, distribution of prolife educational materials, supporting prolife politicians, opposing anti-life bills and ordinances, inviting prolife speakers to various fora, etc.

Reject Foreign Contraception Requirements. USAID, IPPF, and other organizations continue promote an anti-life agenda both for their own imagined benefit and in order to attract contributions from various donors. Our government should reject their pro-contraception and pro-abortion demands outright. Other countries (like Nicaragua) have successfully resisted these groups. The Philippines can too. The Philippine government should also investigate the special favor being granted to the PLCPD, which has a lobbying office right at the House of Representatives, and is suspected of channelling foreign aid dollars to certain congressmen to make them more “agreeable” to its anti-life agenda.

Strengthen Prolife Support Mechanisms. The Catholic Church and other groups run many services to support women and parents who are having difficulties. These include pregnancy crisis centers, home for expecting mothers, orphanages, NFP seminars, catechists, etc. These facilities lack funding and are far more deserving of contributions than many of those who do get it (such as our pork barrel-hungry congessmen).

You can choose to stand up for life now. After all, the life you save may be that of your child or grandchild.



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