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The ‘Overpopulation’ Scapegoat April 25, 2008

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The latest “crisis” to hit the Philippines is the much talked-about rice “shortage”, and as expected, the advocates of the Culture of Death are once again blaming “overpopulation” as the culprit. Not only is this factually wrong, but it is also a despicable attempt to turn attention away from the real cause of the crisis: massive corruption and irresponsible, long-standing mismanagement of the economy.

Politics of Distraction

Research shows that the GMA administration is perceived to be one of the most corrupt in Philippine history. The Philippines scores way low, at 131 out of 180 nations, in Transparency International’s 2007 Corruption Perceptions Index. A recent national survey found many Filipinos think that Gloria Arroyo is the country’s most corrupt leader, more so than former President-dictator Ferdinand Marcos, as reported in the December 12, 2007, Sun Star story “Survey says Arroyo most corrupt president“:

The nationwide survey by independent pollster Pulse Asia found that 42 percent of Filipinos believed Arroyo is the country’s most corrupt leader, compared to 35 percent for Marcos.

Lest anyone miss the point, massive corruption has serious effects on the economy and the delivery of government services. Funds that should be going into education, salaries and housing for our soldiers and civil servants, infrastructure, health, agricultural support, and social services ends up in the pockets of those who don’t deserve it. Is it any wonder then that we lack classrooms and texbooks, have underpaid soldiers and policemen, inadequate primary health care, and poor, underproductive farmers?

Another problem — which, to be fair, was allowed by previous administrations — was the insistence on debt servicing, including even the repayment of questionable loans. This has effectively emaciated government’s ability to make critical capital investments in the nation’s industries and infrastructure.

The Arroyo government insists on paying even for debts incurred for what are arguably illegitimate and harmful items. One recent example is the purchase of defective medical incinerators from Austria that emit unacceptable levels of pollutants (“Move to block debt payment suspension condemned“).

In a recent press release, “Philippines’ Outstanding External Debt now at US$54.9 Billion“, the Freedom from Debt Coalition reported the following:

According to the latest data approved and registered by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, the country’s outstanding external debt stood at US$54.9 billion as of end-December 2007. This amount is 2.9 per cent higher than the US$53.4-billion figure registered in 2006.

Our external debt continues to grow and Flipinos continue to pay for things that do not benefit them. Is this what passes for proper management of the national economy?

The timing of the rice “shortage” is therefore interesting, coming on the heels of Jun Lozada’s expose and the rumblings of dissatisfaction from some Philippine bishops who have decried the Arroyo adminsitration’s shenanigans. What better way to shift attention than to have a crisis that hits everyone where it hurts: the stomach and the wallet?

GMA Plays the “Overpopulation” Card

To further consolidate her position, it seems that the Arroyo adminsitration is finally playing the “overpopulation” card to get back at the Catholic bishops — and hopefuly silence them.

Arroyo has long relied on the support of the Catholic bishops. She played the devout Catholic by supporting Natural Family Planning (NFP) in lieu of promoting artificial contraceptives and supported the removal of the death penalty. With one corruption scandal after another rocking her administration, however, that support has eroded, and some bishops have come out openly against her. So to keep the rest of the bishops in line, she apparently has resorted to hitting back, threatening some bishops with legal action, and now pretending that “overpopulation” is the cause of the food crisis and mulling over the promotion of artificial (so-called “modern”). methods of birth control.

Although the Catholic Church is not against population control per se, it is, of course, against such dangerous and anti-family methods. Quite a number of Catholics (including some bishops) have also questioned whether “overpopulation” really exists in the Philippines, correctly pointing out that poverty is actually caused by greed, injustice, economic mismanagement, and corruption — and not because there are “too many Filipinos”.

Say it like it is

The recurrent “overpopulation” mantra incessantly parroted by Rep. Lagman and now even the minions of the Arroyo administration should be seen for what it is: a blatant lie; and a smokescreen to cover up the misdeeds and incompetence of those in power.

When will the truth surface?




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