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Highway Robbery September 23, 2008

Posted by Maddog in Politics and Law.
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It seems to me the greatest irony that a nation blessed with as much talent and resources as the Philippines should also be cursed with some of the most incompetent, stupid, uncaring, and corrupt leaders ever to walk the earth. That sad situation has again been brought to the fore by the mindless machinations of another corruption-ridden government agency: the Land Transportatiion Office (LTO).

In a mind-boggling display of idiocy, the LTO has decided to implement an Administrative Order that, among other things, prohibits “unauthorized” modifications to the original designs of motorcycles. There are no other qualifications or specifications to this ban, and it can easily be interpreted to include even those modifications that actually improve safety and performance, as well as non-safety related modifications such as using non-original yet harmless aftermarket accessories!

In other words, if you so much intend to put better tires on your bike to replace bald, worn out original tires, you need some “approval” from the DTI! So if your replacement tires are of a superior design or material, but “unapproved”, you can be fined for improving your ride.