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The Evil Cousins: Contraception and Abortion February 5, 2009

Posted by Maddog in Prolife Issues, Religion and Social Issues.
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There is a common misconception about contraception being peddled by the proponents of the highly coercive, so-called “Reproductive Health” bill known as HB 5043. They often claim that the incidence of abortion can be reduced through contraception. While that may sound plausible, the cold facts from around the world tell a different story. Contraception does NOT decrease abortion rates; in fact, contraception increases them!

The Contraception-Abortion Link

Here is some evidence to chew on:

  • Fact Sheet: Greater Access to Contraception Does Not Reduce Abortions

    (The resources mentioned in this Fact Sheet by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops are especially valuable)

  • The Role of Contraception in Increasing Abortion
    By Ruben Obregon

    During the course of these legal developments, the percentage of women aged 15-19 who ever engaged in premarital sex continued to rise. The figures rose from 30.4% in 1971 to 43.4% in 1976, and rose again to 49.8 % in 1979.
    . . .

    As the number of younger and younger teens became sexually active, and as both married and unmarried women had increasing access to contraception, the abortion rates rose.
    . . .

    Abortion rates did not decrease with increased access to contraception – they increased instead. So did the pregnancy rates – the only thing that decreased was the birth rate (due to increased abortion).

    . . .

    In addition, studies conducted in California, Washington state, Scotland, England, Sweden and China “show no reduction in pregnancy or abortion rates despite increased availability of contraception or emergency contraception,” Wills concludes (Wills, Washington Post, 10/21).

  • Increased access to contraception not linked to decrease in numbers of unplanned pregnancies, abortions

    The belief that increased access to contraception will “reduce rates of unintended pregnancy and abortion” has “intuitive appeal, but the data prove otherwise,” Susan Wills, associate director for education for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Secretariat for Pro-Life Activities, writes in a Washington Post letter to the editor in response to a Post opinion piece by William Saletan, science and technology reporter for Slate magazine.

  • Contraception – It’s time to stop ducking the issue

    According to the study Trends in Premarital Sex in the United States, 1954-2003, the increase in premarital sex amongst a group of teens turning 15 during the years 1964-1973 “may be partly due to increased availability of effective contraception (in particular, the pill), which made it less likely that sex would lead to pregnancy.” (Finer, 2007)

This evidence directly refutes the claim by Rep. Edcel Lagman (principal author of HB 5043) that his bill will not promote abortion.

Sometimes Contraception IS Abortion

Lagman is usually quick to point out that his bill does not legalize abortion. Well, it is true that the bill does not legalize SURGICAL abortion, but he conveniently conceals the fact that certain contraceptives can actually cause early CHEMICAL abortions. These are called abortifacient contraceptives.

Evidence for the existence of such contraceptives can be found in my previous blog post, “A Position Paper Against HB 5043“.

HB 5043 explicitly funds such abortifacient contraceptives in violation of Article II, Section 12 of the Philippine Constitution.

Frightening Questions

Do we want to fund millions of early chemical abortions because of the abortifacient contraceptives promoted by HB 5043? Do we want to eventually incvrease the number of illegal surgical or induced abortions as contraceptive sue leads to more “unwanted” pregnancies? And do we want all this to eventually usher in legalized abortion — which is what has happened in other countries?

HB 5043 is madness. It’s time to kill this bill!

And while we’re at it, lets all remember NOT to vote for Lagman and his co-conspirators when it comes to election time.



1. Maddog - April 29, 2009

Here’s another study that confirms the role of contraceptive usage in increased teen pregnancy.

Habit Persistence and Teen Sex: Could Increased Access to Contraception have Unintended Consequences for Teen Pregnancies?

The persistence in sexual activity is such that policies that affect access to contraception will have very different effects in the short run than the long run. Our results suggest that increasing access to contraception may actually increase long run pregnancy rates even though short run pregnancy rates fall. On the other and, policies that decrease access to contraception, and hence sexual activity, are likely to lower pregnancy rates in the long run.

How much more evidence do we need to convince rational people to kill HB 5043?

2. Maddog - July 10, 2009

Here is yet another indication that sex education and contraceptives do NOT reduce teen pregnancy.

£6 Million Government Reduction Program Resulted in More than Twice as Many Teen Pregnancies

A scheme to reduce teenage pregnancies that cost British taxpayers £6 million ($9.8 million US) has backfired, with girls in the program ending up more than twice as likely to become pregnant than those in the general population. The Young People’s Development Programme (YPDP) cost £2,500 ($4,085 US) per person and involved giving teenagers sex education and advice about contraception. At the end of the project a total of 16 percent of those involved became pregnant compared with just 6 percent in a comparison group.

And those trapo legislators actually think that HB 5043 — which promotes the same failed “solution” — will actually work? On the contrary, the deadly RH bill will make matters worse!

3. Maddog - October 10, 2009

More evidence, this time from France!

French Abortions Rise despite Increase in Contraception: Study

France, October 8, 2009 (LifeSiteNews.com) – According to a new study by the French National Institute of Demographic Studies (INED), although the number of unplanned pregnancies in France has fallen, the number of abortions in such cases has increased, reports the Monde Actu 24h/24.

Unplanned pregnancies fell from 46% to 33% from 1975 to 2004, ostensibly due to use of contraceptives, according to the study, but the number of abortions of such pregnancies increased from 40% to 60% over the same period.

The evidence just keeps piling up. Contraceptive usage leads to more abortions. How come so many of our legislators and Presidential aspirants aren’t listening?

4. Maddog - October 21, 2009

Event the Guttmacher Institute’s own data shows that more contraception leads to more abortions.

Guttmacher Institute Study Casts Doubt on Contraception Use Reducing Abortions

But, Dr. Michael New, a University of Alabama political science professor, writes at National Review Online that Guttmacher’s own study shows how contraception doesn’t reduce the abortion numbers.

“The link between abortion rates and access to contraception is not as clear as the Guttmacher report might indicate. Furthermore, Guttmacher’s own research suggests that there is little reason to believe that contraception subsidies would do much to affect abortion rates,” he explains.

New says “there exists no consensus on the correlation between the availability of contraception and the incidence of abortion.”

“In fact, in 2003, Guttmacher released an article in ‘International Family Planning Perspectives’ that showed simultaneous increases in both contraceptive use and abortion rates in the United States, Cuba, Denmark, Netherlands, Singapore, and South Korea,” New points out.

So much evidence, but the pushers of the RH/Abortion Bill aren’t listening.

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