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Bloggers Fight the RH Bill June 25, 2009

Posted by Maddog in Catholicism, HB 5043, Prolife Issues, Religion and Social Issues.
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Aside from this blog you’re reading right now, there are a number of other blogs set up by Filipinos that have been fighting against the so-called “Reproductive Health” bill (also known as HB 5043). I would like to feature a few of them today.

First off, we have a new blog devoted solely to fighting Lagman’s anti-life, RH bill. The blog is called The Catholic Position on the RH Bill, and it aims to make available all the major position papers, open declarations and statements against HB 5043.In the post, “The Reason for this Blog“, the author states:

This blog is an attempt to put in one place all the position papers, statements and declarations that have been published by Catholics and other Christians (in the Philippines and across the world) to counter the proponents of this proposed bill. It is important that the supporters of “reproductive health” realize that the position of the Catholic Church against this bill is based neither upon “unreasoning dogmatism” or on “fear of progress”, but upon a clear analysis of the real reasons for poverty and the social ills often wrongly attributed to alleged “overpopulation”, as well as upon a lucid understanding both of transcendent moral principles and of health facts that are often suppressed in favor of propaganda for contraception.

Random Thoughts and Musings, by WillyJ, is a personal blog. Although it isn’t only about the RH bill, Willy has spoken out against HB 5043 and in defense of life quite a number of times. His insights and sharp wit are valuable. He updates his blog fairly often so check it out regularly.

I particularly like to visit “This is NOT a job for superheroes“, maintained by a staffer of a magazine about babies. Going by the handle, “sunnyday”, this blogger covers an interesting range of topics, from advice for moms to crafts to infant health. Of course she also touches on pro-life issues. A number of articles related to the anti-life bill have appeared in her magazine and her blog. What I find particularloy good is her blogroll, which lists numerous pro-life resources.

One columnist who regularly defends life and makes in-depth critiques of HB 5043 is Atty. Jose C. Sison. His articles appear in the Philippine Star and have been at the head of the fight to educate Filipinos about the flaws of the RH bill. A sampling of his articles includes:

The official student publication of the University of Sto. Tomas, The Varsitarian, has pubished a number of editorials and articles exposing the hidden agenda and flawed arguments of the supporters of HB 5043. Here are some of their articles:

There are, of course, even more Philippine pro-life blogs that have taken a stand againstHB 5043. Use the ones I have listed here as starting points to look for more. People are speaking out in defense of life and against the so-called RH bill. What they have to say is intelligent, well-argued, and very informative. They are well worth your time.



1. Maddog - September 22, 2009

In his blog post, “Free to Choose,” John-D Borra makes an excellent case against the RH/abortion Bill (HB 5043). It’s a good read!

Free to Choose

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