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Ang Kapatiran Party Proclamation Rally February 20, 2010

Posted by Maddog in Politics and Law.
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John Carlos "JC" de los Reyes, AKP presidential candidate

Last Tuesday, February 16, I had the most profound and humbling honor to perform with my band for the Ang Kapatiran Party (AKP) proclamation rally. The AKP candidates for national positions (President, Vice-President, and eight Senators) were introduced right amongst some of the poorest and marginalized Filipinos in the country: at Barangay Lupang Pangako, Payatas, Quezon City — and that is where the AKP is right at home.

Yes, you got that right. Payatas: the huge and infamous dumpsite where over 200 lives were horribly snuffed out when a literal mountain of garbage gave way and buried the the shanties of many poor residents nearly a decade ago. Eric Manalang, AKP party president, said it best when he described Payatas as a mirror of the situation in the entire Philippines. The very existence of a huge community consisting of over 3500 dirt-poor Filipino families living right by a seven-storey mountain of garbage (and many of whom have to scratch out a living as scavengers) is a monumental sign of failure in governance — not only within Metro Manila, but in the entire country.

Make no mistake about it, failure in governance — massive, pervasive, persistent, insidious, and long-entrenched — is the real problem of the Philippines. All the other usual scapegoats (such as “overpopulation” or “indolence”) are really just excuses NOT to address this root cause of the widespread poverty and injustice that stalks our land.