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Ang Kapatiran Party Statement on Women’s Month March 4, 2010

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As the nation observes Women’s Month this March, the Ang Kapatiran (AKP) calls on all Filipinos to be vigilant of deceptive initiatives already underway that undermine women’s rights, health, and even threaten their lives and families.

In particular, the AKP notes that the RH/Abortion Bill (also known as HB 5043), while failing to pass during the 14th Congress, is still being pushed through local ordinances and will most probably be filed again after the May elections.

The proposed bill explicitly funds the procurement and distribution of abortifacient contraceptives. Such contraceptives have been shown to cause early-term abortions by preventing the implantation and development of the fertilized egg — which is already a newly-conceived human being — in the womb. This is clearly against the Philippine Constitution which protects the unborn from conception which begins at fertilization (the union of sperm and egg).

The penal provisions of HB 5043 also violate basic human rights, including freedom of conscience. The bill will force doctors and health workers to distribute abortifacient and artificial contraceptives against their conscience, or force them to refer those who request for such to other persons who will do the same objectionable act. Those who refuse to do so face heavy fines and imprisonment.

“The mandated sex education programs in schools for the very young (beginning with 4th graders) is a form of child abuse that forces young children to sexual knowledge without their consent.” said AKP presidential candidate John Carlos “JC” delos Reyes.

AKP is also disturbed by the fact that the Magna Carta for Women mandates strict adherence to international treaties that may be interpreted as promoting a “right” to abortion, which clearly contradicts the Philippine Constitution. The Party wishes to reiterate that the Philippine Constitution is the fundamental law of the land and takes precedence over any international treaty.

The Party objects to recent activities by the DOH and private groups promoting the use of contraceptives for birth control, AIDS prevention, and even as treatment for skin blemishes. Such programs are dangerous because people are not adequately informed of the dangerous side-effects of many such contraceptives. Numerous scientific studies have shown that Increased contraceptive use promotes risky casual sex and multiple sex partners, which leads to more unplanned pregnancies, abortions, and sexually transmitted diseases.

These insidious and deceptive developments, the AKP believes, pose a real danger to women’s lives and rights, to families, and even to our democracy.

In line with it’s pro-life principles, the AKP also advocates stricter controls on firearms beginning with a gun-carrying ban in public places, as well as the disbanding of private armies and abolition of the death penalty.

The Ang Kapatiran Party is an accredited national political party that espouses a pro-God, pro-life platform as an antidote to the traditional personality-based parties that have dominated and debased Philippine politics for decades.



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