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“Open Season” On Catholics? October 4, 2010

Posted by Maddog in Politics and Law, Prolife Issues, Religion and Social Issues.

Within hours of Carlos Celdran’s outrage against the Catholic Mass, the Internet came alive with Filipinos posting their own opinions on the incident. Many not only praised him but even justified his actions. Others disagreed with his being jailed for violation of article 133 of the Revised Penal Code. Even now, several days after the event, it is still the talk of the town. Even FaceBook had a page for those clamoring that Celdran be released from jail (Carlos has posted bail and has been released).

More worrisome, however, was a flood of posts, on FaceBook and other blog sites, expressing outright hatred and contempt for the Church. Some of these were so vile that they would probably qualify as “hate speech” in other countries.

That wasn’t all, however.

The other night someone forwarded me a text message calling for other acts of disruption and outright sacrilege. What would be next? Silencing of Catholic leaders through grave threats? Violence?

Religious freedom and harassment of religious persons

Carlos Celdran is my friend and I feel bad that he resorted to this stunt. I also feel bad that he is in jail. He has been good and respectful to me despite our disagreements on some issues. He, like myself, has the right to speak out on any issue.

Still, we have to make one thing clear: Carlos Celdran is NOT in jail because of his views on the Church and the RH/Abortion Bill. His right to freedom of speech is protected under the Constitution and no law can take precedence over that. The issue here is NOT about free speech. It is about protecting people of faith from harassment. It is about freedom of religion.