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More online polls reject RH bill (updated) May 21, 2011

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After the landslide pro-life victory in ABS-CBN’s Harapan online/SMS polls, a few more similar public surveys have been put up. The same pro-life trend seems to be evident on these too.

The Philippine Star (a publication partly owned by the Belmontes, related to the very pro-RH House Speaker Belmonte) has been running an online poll at: http://www.philstar.com/Article.aspx?articleId=687349&publicationSubCategoryId=522.

I’ve taken some screenshots of the results. The first was on May 19, at 10:28PM. Here are the results:

I took another look at the poll on May 21, 1:54PM. The number of “votes” had doubled by then. Here’s the screenshot:

The fight is still close, but a clear trend has emerged: most participants in the survey — a lead by 14 percentage points — reject the RH bill.

Another, much smaller, poll can be found at Pinoysurvey.com (http://pinoysurvey.com/2011/05/rh-bill-sa-pilipinas/). I took a screenshot of the results on May 19, at 10:27PM. Here is how it was back then:

Pinoysurvey results as of 2011-05-19 (22:37)

On May 21, at 1:55PM, the number of “votes” had more than doubled. The results were as follows:

Pinoysurvey results as of 2011-05-21 (13:55)

Looks like it’s another pro-life victory here too. Four out of five participants are against the RH bill.

So, where’s the much-ballyhooed pro-RH majority now? Can’t they even get enough people to dominate these polls? One would think that at least on the well-publicized survey by Philippine Star, the supporters of the RH bill would at least get a small lead (if they actually were a majority), but they can’t even manage that!

Granted, these polls aren’t very scientific, but they do give an indication of the public mood in those niche audiences. It would seem that any claim of a pro-RH “majority” is not as well-founded or across the board as some propagandists suggest.

Update (June 2011):

For those interested in following these polls, here is an update.

As of June 20, 10:41PM:

As of June 20, 10:47PM

Looks like a very clear and consistent pro-life trend here. Let’s hope our politicians listen to the people.


ABS-CBN poll rejects RH bill May 9, 2011

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A text poll[1] taken during the airing of ABS-CBN’s Harapan on the evening of May 8 — which featured a live debate on the RH bill — came up with an unexpected result. People were asked to send in their “votes” via SMS, choosing one of two options: A) Ipasa; or B) Ibasura (either pass the bill or trash it). At the end of the show, the final tally as of 12:40AM, May 9, was:

  • Ibasura: 65.38%
  • Ipasa: 34.62

In other words, nearly two-thirds of the text voters wanted to junk the bill!

This was undoubtedly a veritable landslide victory for the pro-life movement in the Philippines.

Here is a screenshot from the ANC Alerts Twitter page:

Screenshot of the ANC Alerts Twitter page. Click to see the full-sized graphic.

Where’s the pro-RH “majority”?

Well, well, well… whatever happened to the pro-RH “majority” that the SWS and Cong. Lagman keep on crowing about? Looks like that “majority” couldn’t get their act together last night. In fact, they can’t even seem to get a decent-sized rally together at all! If so many Filipinos really support the RH bill, they sure don’t seem to be standing up for it.

In contrast, the rallies AGAINST the RH bill across the country have drawn tens of thousands. The March 25 rally at the Luneta may have drawn as much as 200,000 (although the media chose to report an estimate made early in the rally of 40,000). Even if we accept the 40,000 figure, can the pro-RH “majority” even get anywhere close to that many together in a rally? Nope.

The cat is out of the bag. The “majority” claimed by the bosses at the SWS is a phantom majority.

Our congressmen would do well to listen.


  1. It turns out that the ABS-CBN/ANC poll involved both SMS votes and online votes from the Internet. The ANC tweet at the time, however, did not indicate how many votes came via SMS and from the Internet.