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Philippine Fertility Dropping Like A Rock September 15, 2010

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Contrary to the hysterical fears of population doomsayers, the Total Fertility Rate (TFR) of the Philippines (or the average number of children per woman) has been DROPPING LIKE A ROCK for decades and will continue to do so.

Let us not mistake an occasional rise here and there for a trend. When statistics are compiled on an annual basis, a change within a single year alone does not necessarily signify any kind of trend. Such small fluctuations are common since reality does not change to fit annual measurements. The genius of statistics, however, is that it allows us to see trends over significant periods. In the case of annual statistics, we can only see trends when we examine data over longer periods, such as every five years or every ten years.

With that in mind, I invite all to look at the actual numbers with regard to the Total Fertility Rate in the Philippines.

These numbers are from the UN Populatrion Division (http://esa.un.org/unpp/p2k0data.asp) and represent several types of projections (low-, high-, and mid-variant projections, and a constant fertility model).

Please note, however, that the numbers until 2005-2010 are all IDENTICAL. That is because this is HISTORICAL data, not projections. Of course 2010 is not yet over, but these numbers are actually only until July 1, 2010 (as judged form the most recent data avaiulable). I have highlighted the periods of 1955-1960 and 2005-2010 to assist people who want to make a comparison from the last fifty years.



An Open Letter to GABRIELA August 19, 2010

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The following “Open Letter to GABRIELA” was written by Ma. Andrea Mendigo, a member of the Ang Kapatiran Party. In it she notes the inconsistency in GABRIELA’s position on women’s rights and calls for true protection of the rights of all.

Well said, sister!

An Open Letter to GABRIELA

Dear Gabriela,

From your position paper entitled “Women N.O. to US Troops”, I am lifting the following questions:

Why sanction this rape of our national sovereignty? Why sanction this rape of our territory? Why allow the U.S. to impose its will on our country as a sovereign, independent state? The U.S. has declared an indefinite, borderless global war….We cannot be made a lame excuse for the U.S. to spread and strengthen its imperial designs in the whole of Southeast Asia, including the Philippines.

I am confident that most Filipinos, not just women, share your sentiments. I share them too. But the physical presence of US troops is just a small part of a continuum of US designs on our country motivated by their national self-interest. I invite you to research online the declassified National Security Study Memorandum 200, commissioned by Henry Kissinger during the Nixon administration. You will be surprised to learn that its title is: “Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for U.S. Security and Overseas Interests.” In this paper, 13 countries were targetted for depopulation, among them the Philippines. The “overseas interests” are mainly access to our natural resources like mining and fuel.

The current push of the U.S. and all its allied organizations like the the World Bank and the U.N. and its various agencies for the reproductive “health” bill is the strategy by which the U.S. will realize its objective.

If you were to cut and paste specific statements from NSSM200 and put them side-by-side with the Reproductive Health Bill, you will notice an uncanny correspondence.

Women are the specific targets of this campaign for population control. Gender equality at work and other opportunities, female education, the choice of when to have babies — all good in themselves — have been calculated to bring the fertility index down. You can argue: “What’s so bad about that? We are really overpopulated anyway.” Well, this is the myth and the carrot that we are being offered. If we don’t believe the myth and reject the carrot, the STICK will be quick to follow. (Should you wonder why there are more and more U.S. troops here? … Other sticks are the withholding of foreign aid packages. ) Oh, and the carrot? Billions of dollars for “incentives.”

I don’t know about you, but I am bothered by the rapid increase in permissiveness and the rapid decline of morality in our country. Many sectors in our society are encouraged to put religious principles aside. Why am I bothered, you ask? Because this has a direct impact on our perception of who can be considered human, and who cannot. You, my dear sisters at Gabriela, are so concerned about human rights. And rightly so. And you are specially concerned about women’s rights. Of course! You should be. And I applaud you for this. But our exercise of our rights should not be at the expense of another’s rights, lest we become the violators of the very principles we hold so dear. My right to swing my arm anyway I want to, ends where your nose begins because, if I continue, I would be guilty of assault when I hit your nose. Right? A woman’s right to do what she wants with her body has limitations. She cannot use her body to snuff out the life of another human being, whether that person is outside or inside her body.

A country that does not respect and defend the life of the most defenseless member of society — the preborn — will not succeed in upholding the right to life of the rest. It will self-destruct. And that’s what our enemies (friends?) want. That is part of the rationale behind the Church’s opposition to the Reproductive Health Bill.

A country that is morally weak will easily fall.

There are so many other issues connected with the RH Bill, but I will stop here.


A sister who cares

Legal abortion violates human rights August 6, 2010

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The Ang Kapatiran Party (AKP) has issued a statement on the call by a foreign law firm for the legalization of abortion in the Philippines. The text is below.

Ang Kapatiran Party
August 6, 2010

Legal abortion violates human rights

The Ang Kapatiran Party (AKP) condemns in the strongest possible terms the reckless, irresponsible, and inhuman call for the legalization of abortion in the Philippines by the Center for Reproductive Rights (CRR). A foreign law firm, the CRR has released a report where it wrongly blames the continued criminalization of abortion as a source of women’s rights violations.

Our nation’s pro-life laws do not violate the rights of women. Rather, they protect the inalienable right to life of all persons, including the unborn, around half of whom are female. Abortion is the murder of the weakest and most innocent of all human beings. It is the ultimate violation of human rights.

The abortion industry is a worldwide monstrosity that has killed more human beings in just 40 years (approximately ONE BILLION unborn children) than all the wars in the history of mankind (around 400 million). This form of mass murder must not be made legal in the Philippines.

The CRR’s call for legal abortion also reveals the hidden agenda of the pro-RH advocates who are pushing for the passage of Congressman Edcel Lagman’s RH/Abortion Bill. No less than U.S. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton has publicly acknowledged that the Obama administration’s worldwide reproductive health agenda — whose many agents in the Philippines receive its financial support either directly or indirectly — includes the promotion of abortion.

It is not surprising, therefore, that the Lagman bill explicitly funds the procurement and distribution of abortifacient contraceptives. Such contraceptives have been shown to cause early-term abortions by preventing the implantation and development of the fertilized egg — which is already a newly-conceived human being — in the womb. This is clearly against the Philippine Constitution which protects the unborn from conception which begins at fertilization (the union of sperm and egg).


The Abortion and Reproductive Rights Hoax August 3, 2010

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A New York-based law firm, the Center for Reproductive Rights, has released a paper blaming the Philippines’ pro-life laws criminalizing abortion for endangering women. The group alleges that current laws force women to turn to illegal abortions that can result in complications and — in around 1000 cases annually — even death. The report basically ties the laws against abortion to what it says are human rights violations.

This is nothing new. Pro-abortion forces used the same deceptive tactic to get abortion legalized in the U.S. The deception lies on many levels, some of which we will examine.

Who’s rights?

Given a Choice, They’d Want a Chance. | Abort73.comThe CRR sees access to abortion as a human right, and in their view the denial of such is effectively a violation of a woman’s rights. This claim, however, is extremely ironic because abortion is itself a violation of human rights: it is a denial of the unborn child’s right to life. Since the situation therefore involves the alleged “rights” of a woman over the right to life of an innocent child, we must ask: whatever rights a woman may have regarding choices about having children, can these be more important than the right to life itself?

Life is the most paramount right. Without it no other rights can be exercised. Therefore, even if choosing an abortion is part of a woman’s rights — as claimed by the CRR — it is necessarily a lesser right than the right to life, a right which will be denied to the victim of an abortion, the unborn child.

Human life

To get around this dilemma, many pro-abortion groups sinply deny that unboirn children are people. Doing so, however, requires ignoring basic biology and scientific evidence. Once a human egg is fertilized, it can naturally develop only into a human being. It will not become a dog or a cat. It is definitively a human being. Furthermore, science tells us that the 46 chromosomes that define a unique human individual come together at fertilization. The fertilized ovum will become only a specific human individual and not another. It is clearly then a human person.

Aside from the scientific evidence, those that deny that the unborn are people have to face another problem: if the unborn are not human, then when do they become human? Obviously, birth is just an arbitrary defining point since the transfer of location and physically parting from another person (which is what a birth involves) does not define humanity. Other changes in the embryo or fetus are also not sufficient defining points since these are simply stages in the development of a unique individual already defined at fertilization. Even born human beings are still undergoing development. An infant is physically different from an adult. Later stages in development of an already unique individual cannot therefore define the beginning of human life and personhood.

The price of “safe” abortion

There are many laws that result in difficulty and hardship. Enforcing our laws against murder, for example, often result in shootouts and great expenditures to catch murderers. Enforcing our laws against drug trafficking also results in many deaths and a host of other problems. Does that mean we should legalize murder and drug trafficking? Of course not. We should not legalize these because thyey are wrong and the hardship entailed in enforcing our laws is nothing compared to the greater evils that will befall our nation should these crimes be legalized.

In the same way, abortion is in itself a great evil, a crime against the unborn, and a violation of human rights. If indeed continued criminalization of abortion can lead to other hardships. these are little compared to the mass butchery and massive moral degradation that would occur should abortion be made legal.

We must also note that there are other ways to alleviate the alleged plight of women who find themsleves turning to abortion. There are alternatives such as adoption, pregnancy crisis centers, and even foster homes for expectant mothers. There are also other measures that can be implemented by the government that can help, as we shall see.


Obsolete Thinking — Again! July 15, 2010

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In a recent editorial entitled, “Two-pronged war against poverty,” Sun Star Cebu, a daily newspaper, claimed that the Philippines’ rising population is “one of the basic causes of pervasive poverty and which has become central to the reproductive health controversy.”

This is false and obsolete thinking.

Numerous economic studies have shown that there is no causal link or correlation between poverty and population growth. In the paper “A Primer on the proposed Reproductive Health, Responsible Parenthood, and Population Development Consolidated Bill,” Dr. Roberto de Vera cites Nobel Prize winner Simon Kuznets’ 1966 book, Modern Economic Growth: Rate, Structure and Spread, which concluded: “no clear association appears to exist in the present sample of countries, or is likely to exist in other developed countries, between rates of growth of population and of product per capita.”

More recent studies have supported Kuznets’ original conclusion and applied it to all nations in general. De Vera cites five more:


“Homosexual Sensitivity” classes? June 15, 2010

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It looks like the Department of Education may be opening a Pandora’s box with its plan to teach sex education modules to young kids.

Now we have a gay group wanting schools to teach “homosexual sensitivity” as well. Check out this story in the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

Gay group wants homosexuality to be taught kids, too

BAGUIO CITY—If government is ready to teach children about sex, shouldn’t it be ready also to teach children about homosexuality so the gay community would no longer be a punch line to a joke?

The Lesbians for National Democracy (Lesbond) here has launched an education campaign on homosexuality and homophobia for universities and the media but which is also being re-crafted so it may be used to reach out to elementary school pupils.

The group developed a module culled from several masters’ theses in the University of the Philippines Baguio, which describe the history, sociology and societal behavior that has sustained homophobia in the Philippines, said Lesbond member Julie Palaganas.

Palaganas said the Department of Education’s decision to reinstitute sex education meant that government educators may also be open to a gender sensitive module on homosexuals.

We shouldn’t be surprised. Once you allow one radical school of thought to teach its beliefs in schools (such as the population control types with their abortifacient contraceptives), you can expect others to demand for the same opportunity.

How about Christian Sensitivity instead?

There is nothing wrong with teaching kids to love and respect people with different views. That, in fact, is what many religions and philosphies teach (although not everyone practices it). But we should NOT teach that any choice of lifestyle is just as good as any other. After all, if anything and everything is good and just “okay”, then nothing is really good. There would be no such thing as right and wrong. If anything is true, nothing is really true.


Support for RH Bill Debunked May 22, 2010

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A little-known survey released early this year revealed that 92% of Metro Manila residents are against the passage of the controversial reproductive health (RH) bill, also known as HB 5043. The poll has called into question claims of wide public support for the proposed measure made by its authors and supporters.

The Filipino Family Survey, conducted from December 2-9, 2009, was conducted by HB&A International Research using the experienced field personnel of the Asian Research Organization (ARO), the Philippine affiliate of Gallup International.

According to the new poll, a great majority of those surveyed reject the salient points of the RH bill. Some 92 percent do not agree with the plan to make available free of charge birth control pills and IUDs to young teenage children without parental consent, and 90 percent do not want the government to allocate extra funds to contraceptives to the detriment of essential medicines which address the country’s top causes of death such as heart disease, cancer, pneumonia and tuberculosis.

On sex education, 87% disagreed with allowing their children to be taught by school teachers about the technical and biological aspects of sex in a co-ed environment, and possibly tutored by their teachers if they are not up to par with their lessons. Instead, 88% of parents wished to be trained on how to teach their children correctly about sex.


Ang Kapatiran Party Olongapo Sortie May 1, 2010

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JC greets his fellow town-folk during the motorcade

Last April 10 I had the wonderful privilege to accompany Ang Kapatiran candidates on a sortie to Olongapo City, the hometown of presidential bet JC delos Reyes. The plan was to hold a small motorcade through the city and then retire to JC’s house at SBMA for a fundraising dinner where I was scheduled to perform a few songs.

We left the Ang Kapatiran Party headquarters at around 6AM and proceeded to our first stop, the Shell station on the North Expressway. After a quick breakfast, we went non-stop to Olongapo City. Not having had any sleep the night before, I made myself as comfortable as i could and dozed until we arrived at JC’s cozy and very open home in SBMA. It was around 10AM.

The rest of the day consisted of our multi-legged motorcade, meetings with small groups of voters, a late lunch, and a wonderful lugaw dinner at JC’s home. I must say, that was the best lugaw I have ever tasted!


Correcting the Inquirer on Contraception March 27, 2010

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(The following is is a letter written by Mr. Raul Nidoy to the editors of the Philippine Daily Inquirer in reaction to an editorial that appeared in that newspaper on March 5, 2010.)

Two errors in editorial on contraception

THE INQUIRER’S EDITORIAL OF March 5, titled “Intolerance,” had two errors, and the first error is glaring.

The editorial stated that the Catholic teaching on contraception is “only” a religious teaching. I’m sorry, but the Catholic hierarchy is not the only one that understands the immorality of contraception; the secular BBC also perceives it. And this provides 15 secular reasons to make the moral case against contraception. BBC’s Ethics Guide (http://www.bbc.co.uk/ethics/contraception/against_1.shtml), which covers differing angles, argues that contraception prevents potential human beings from being conceived. And people who might benefit humanity will be included among these.

Aside from stressing that contraception leads to widespread immorality, the BBC also argues that contraception is unnatural. It explains that the natural consequence of sexual intercourse is conceiving a child, and contraception interferes with this natural purpose of sexual intercourse. For sure, one can glean from this sampling that there is nothing biblical nor magisterial in these arguments. Nothing religious, really, that a reasonable secular State cannot adopt.

The second error, hidden under the nuanced position taken by the editorial, is the false impression given when it said that Catholic teaching on the intrinsic evil of contraception “took its present shape over 40 years ago, with ‘Humanae Vitae.’”

Of course, the theologically precise terminology can be dated quite recently, but let’s not forget that language is but the expression of ideas. And the idea on the evil of contraception took shape from the very beginning of the Catholic Church. We just have to read what Clement of Alexandria, an early Church Father, wrote around 191 AD: “Because of its divine institution for the propagation of man, the seed is not to be vainly ejaculated, nor is it to be damaged, nor is it to be wasted.” And it is good for everyone to know that all the Christian denominations agreed with this idea—both secularly rational and theologically grounded—until 1930, the era when the dictatorship of relativism was imposing itself on the world.

Kudos go to Mr. Nidoy for his diligence in correcting harmful errors in the media. We need more sharp and informed readers like him.

Ang Kapatiran Party Statement on Women’s Month March 4, 2010

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As the nation observes Women’s Month this March, the Ang Kapatiran (AKP) calls on all Filipinos to be vigilant of deceptive initiatives already underway that undermine women’s rights, health, and even threaten their lives and families.

In particular, the AKP notes that the RH/Abortion Bill (also known as HB 5043), while failing to pass during the 14th Congress, is still being pushed through local ordinances and will most probably be filed again after the May elections.

The proposed bill explicitly funds the procurement and distribution of abortifacient contraceptives. Such contraceptives have been shown to cause early-term abortions by preventing the implantation and development of the fertilized egg — which is already a newly-conceived human being — in the womb. This is clearly against the Philippine Constitution which protects the unborn from conception which begins at fertilization (the union of sperm and egg).

The penal provisions of HB 5043 also violate basic human rights, including freedom of conscience. The bill will force doctors and health workers to distribute abortifacient and artificial contraceptives against their conscience, or force them to refer those who request for such to other persons who will do the same objectionable act. Those who refuse to do so face heavy fines and imprisonment.

“The mandated sex education programs in schools for the very young (beginning with 4th graders) is a form of child abuse that forces young children to sexual knowledge without their consent.” said AKP presidential candidate John Carlos “JC” delos Reyes.

AKP is also disturbed by the fact that the Magna Carta for Women mandates strict adherence to international treaties that may be interpreted as promoting a “right” to abortion, which clearly contradicts the Philippine Constitution. The Party wishes to reiterate that the Philippine Constitution is the fundamental law of the land and takes precedence over any international treaty.

The Party objects to recent activities by the DOH and private groups promoting the use of contraceptives for birth control, AIDS prevention, and even as treatment for skin blemishes. Such programs are dangerous because people are not adequately informed of the dangerous side-effects of many such contraceptives. Numerous scientific studies have shown that Increased contraceptive use promotes risky casual sex and multiple sex partners, which leads to more unplanned pregnancies, abortions, and sexually transmitted diseases.

These insidious and deceptive developments, the AKP believes, pose a real danger to women’s lives and rights, to families, and even to our democracy.

In line with it’s pro-life principles, the AKP also advocates stricter controls on firearms beginning with a gun-carrying ban in public places, as well as the disbanding of private armies and abolition of the death penalty.

The Ang Kapatiran Party is an accredited national political party that espouses a pro-God, pro-life platform as an antidote to the traditional personality-based parties that have dominated and debased Philippine politics for decades.

Ang Kapatiran Party Proclamation Rally February 20, 2010

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John Carlos "JC" de los Reyes, AKP presidential candidate

Last Tuesday, February 16, I had the most profound and humbling honor to perform with my band for the Ang Kapatiran Party (AKP) proclamation rally. The AKP candidates for national positions (President, Vice-President, and eight Senators) were introduced right amongst some of the poorest and marginalized Filipinos in the country: at Barangay Lupang Pangako, Payatas, Quezon City — and that is where the AKP is right at home.

Yes, you got that right. Payatas: the huge and infamous dumpsite where over 200 lives were horribly snuffed out when a literal mountain of garbage gave way and buried the the shanties of many poor residents nearly a decade ago. Eric Manalang, AKP party president, said it best when he described Payatas as a mirror of the situation in the entire Philippines. The very existence of a huge community consisting of over 3500 dirt-poor Filipino families living right by a seven-storey mountain of garbage (and many of whom have to scratch out a living as scavengers) is a monumental sign of failure in governance — not only within Metro Manila, but in the entire country.

Make no mistake about it, failure in governance — massive, pervasive, persistent, insidious, and long-entrenched — is the real problem of the Philippines. All the other usual scapegoats (such as “overpopulation” or “indolence”) are really just excuses NOT to address this root cause of the widespread poverty and injustice that stalks our land.


March for Life Solidarity Statement January 21, 2010

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Every year since 1974, people gather in the dead of winter on January 22 for the March for Life. That date marks the 1973 Roe v. Wade US Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion in the U.S.

The number of people participating in the annual event has grown from around 20,000 in 1974 to an average of 200,000 in recent years.  The March for Life takes place in Washington D.C., but lately satellite activities in different parts of the U.S. have sprung up to make people aware of the holocaust brought about by the infamous 1973 decision, and to stand up for the dignity of human life in all its stages, from the womb to the tomb.

In the Philippines, committed pro-lifers have issued an open statement of solidarity with the March for Life and have begun to gather signatures in support for the statement online and in the University of Asia and the Pacific (UA&P). The statement reads:

We, concerned Filipinos from all walks of life, who uphold, respect and protect the dignity and quality of human life from natural conception/fertilization to natural death, and the natural institutions of marriage and the family, hereby express our solidarity with the people participating in the January 22, 2010 March for Life in Washington, D.C., USA.

(initial signatories)

The signature-gathering event in UA&P saw both students and faculty members signing up in solidarity with the pro-life event in the U.S.

Pro-Life tarpaulin with signatures

Pro-Life tarpaulin with signatures at the University of Asia and the Pacific (UA&P)

Pro-Life Philippines Statement On the Maguindanao Massacre January 3, 2010

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Pro-Life Philippines issued a statement last month on the infamous Maguindanao Massacre. The statement reads:

As an organization dedicated to upholding the sanctity and dignity of all human life from conception to natural death, Pro-Life Philippines joins the rest of the Filipino people in condemning in the strongest terms the massacre of 57 innocent persons in Maguindanao. The bloody event is an outrageous affront to life, peace, and democracy.

The right to life is the most basic right and is a pre-requisite to the exercise of all other human rights as well as the organization of a peaceful and orderly society. We therefore call on the authorities to swiftly bring to justice those responsible for the massacre, no matter who they may be. The government, in cooperation with the law-abiding citizenry must put in place necessary measures to prevent similar events from occurring.

The lack of respect for life and the loss of a stable moral foundation are at the root of many of our ills. Issues such as abortion, contraception, murder, and corruption are often more related than we realize. That is why groups like Pro-Life Philippines and the Ang Kapatiran Party (which has an integrated moral and political perspective and platform) are more relevant than ever. I am humbled and privileged to be a (most unqualified) member of both of them, and I know that they are at the forefront of the battle for renewing our nation.

Sticking It to the RH/Abortion Bill December 3, 2009

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Just when things are looking bleak, the Lord sends some light to guide and inspire us.

The past few days have brought good news for those fighting to defend life. I was certainly happy to find these following gems in the news.

First we have the following piece by Roberto de Ocampo entitled Kill ‘Bill’? (http://opinion.inquirer.net/inquireropinion/columns/view/20091127-238839/Kill-Bill):

… one would think that I should be an obvious supporter of the Reproductive Health (RH) bill. I am not. I have serious misgivings about it.

First, I find it unnecessary. If as the supporters have time and again emphasized, the major shortcoming of our current population management program is the need for more widespread education and information, then I submit that the government presently has the breadth and depth of institutional capability to do this with the voluntary cooperation of the private sector, including the Church. If the observation is that the government has not done this well enough, this can be redressed with a good combination of political will and leadership and a better budget allocation, not a bill. True, the Church will promote only natural family planning methods. So be it. That’s the role and position of the Church. The state’s role is to help expand the public’s knowledge of choices, not limit it.

This leads me to my second serious misgiving, namely, the present draft bill contains punitive provisions that are tantamount to an affront to civil liberties and smack of religious persecution. Just read the section mandating private sector employees and private health practitioners to actively promote artificial birth control methods and distribute devices whether or not their conscience and religious convictions agree with the practice. Combine that with the section imposing penalties of imprisonment or fines or both if they don’t follow or are deemed guilty of “perceived violations” and tell me that the bill does not encroach on basic civil rights. Tell me that the bill does not unfairly force a person into a moral dilemma, a State-induced struggle of conscience. This is not education, it’s coercion. This is not choice, it’s threat.

. . .

Finally, I find it truly disingenuous for anyone to proceed on the premise that the poor are to blame for the nation’s poverty. This seems to be one of the bill’s underlying economic philosophies—i.e., we could be such a richer nation if the poor would do something better than just go forth and multiply. Pardon me, but in the context of our income-distribution challenged society, the poor are often the victims, not the problem. And let’s not forget that it’s the poor, not the wealthy, whose acknowledged sacrifices as overseas workers are propping up this struggling economy. If a major concern of the bill is to help reduce poverty, then I cannot believe that the bill’s proponents and supporters are unaware of the many other major factors that are the root causes of poverty (poor governance, corruption, severely unequal distribution of wealth, low productivity, unattractive investment policies, etc.) and, of course, the many other alternatives that can be brought to bear to address them (giving up pork barrel, reforming land reform, raising tax collection efficiency, curtailing dynastic politics, etc.)

I am not the only one impressed by De Ocampo’s courageous stand. John-D Borra praises De Ocampo in his blog post, It Takes Courage to Choose Life (http://johndborra.blogspot.com/2009/12/it-takes-courage-to-choose-life.html).


The Country’s Worst Jackasses October 7, 2009

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Along with the good things in life, there are the bad. And then there are the really rotten eggs. So here’s a list guaranteed to ruin any ice cream you’ve got: The Five Worst Jackasses in the Philippines.

Just one thing before we get started. If you don’t agree with my choices, then make your own. Just don’t put me on it. I deserve a list all to myself.

1. Congressman Edcel Lagman

The principal author and most prominent congressional pusher of the RH/abortion Bill (aka HB 5043), this unscrupulous Trapo (traditional politician) got his sick “reproductive health” (RH) Bill from radical NGOs that are funded by foreign abortion rights groups. As expected, the draconian Bill will sneak abortion into the country by funding the distribution of abortifacient contraceptives all over the country. What’s worse is that he wants to force others to assist him in his dirty work by threatening doctors and health workers who refuse to dispense these or to make referrals with imprisonment and heavy fines. To top it off, his Bill even seeks to punish those who speak out against it! So much for choice and free speech. How anti-democracy can you get?

Of course, he’ll never admit the real agenda behind the RH advocacy, which is eventual legalization of some form of abortion in the Philippines. He will continue to sugar-coat it for public consumption. This guy takes the cake. He is a danger to all unborn children. Vote him out of Congress! My song for this two-faced, despot wannabe: “Dirty Work,” by The Rolling Stones.

2. and 3. Erap and Gloria Arroyo

Among the biggest mistakes made by Filipinos were giving these two their chances to run our government: the former for only a mercifully short but brain-dead period; the latter for way too long. Both have shafted the Filipino people royally.

More bad news: Erap may be running for President again — I can see the dark clouds gathering! Come on, people! Do we really want a convicted plunderer running the country again? We replaced him with GMA, but she was more than a disappointment. GMA pardoned him out of political expediency. Her principles sure went out the window with that one. And she is still ruining our political and judicial institutions. Can’t we find a way to jail her too?

Erap and his lapdogs don’t even understand what decent governance is; GMA and her sycophants couldn’t care less. Both will take whatever power and money they can get their grubby hands on if given half a chance. They deserve each other. No way should they — or their accomplices — ever be allowed to get anywhere close to holding a government position ever again.

A pox on both their houses! My song for this gang of thieves: “Won’t Get Fooled Again,” by The Who.