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Exploiting Jose Rizal January 1, 2011

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It is a well-known fact that on the night before his execution, Jose Rizal retracted his erroneous religious beliefs which were contrary to the teachings of the Catholic Church. Even to this day, however, despite all the documented historical evidence attesting to it, there are still those who, for their own reasons, still try to deny that the retraction ever took place.

Sadly, not all of these reasons are noble.

Many atheists and those with an ax to grind against the Catholic Church, for example have taken a liking to Rizal because they perceive him to be a model of rebellion against the Church and religion in general. They are also presumably well aware that Rizal is a popular figure that they can exploit to gain sympathy for their cause, as well as foment resentment against the Church.

I would like to draw attention to the article, Hard Facts About Rizal’s Conversion (Sinagtala, 1988), by the late Fr. Marciano Guzman. It deals with the facts of Rizal retraction and related issues. Fr. Guzman writes:

These attempts to deny our national hero’s conversion and retraction are made without conclusive and documented evidence. They normally do not transcend the psychological arguments devised by the blatant disbelief and stubbornness of some members of masonic lodges.

Typical of such reaction was a statement made in 1908 by a Venerable Master of the Grand Regional Lodge of the Philippines. It was pronounced in a meeting called to counteract the effects of Wenceslao Retana’s personal conviction about Rizal’s retraction, expressed in the book Vida y escritos del Dr. Jose Rizal. “If Rizal did retract,” the high-ranking Filipino Mason said, “he might have done it through altruism and not for personal interest. But still I have not believed and remain disbelieving in his retraction, notwithstanding so many things said about it, and in spite of the assurances of Jesuits and Retana… the idol of the Philippines has never changed his ideas, in a word, he has never retracted.”

A similar type of argument could be found in Rafael Palma’s The Pride of the Malay Race. “Rizal was a man of character,” wrote Palma in his book, “and he had demonstrated it in many circumstances of his life. He was not likely to yield his ideas because his former preceptors and teachers talked to him. They did it in Dapitan and did not obtain any result. Why would he renounce his religious ideas for a few hours more of life?”

Those who wish to deny Rizal’s conversion in the last hours of his life go against solid historical evidence.

To those who would deny Rizal’s retraction, Guzman points out the following historical facts (highlights mine).



Philippine Fertility Dropping Like A Rock September 15, 2010

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Contrary to the hysterical fears of population doomsayers, the Total Fertility Rate (TFR) of the Philippines (or the average number of children per woman) has been DROPPING LIKE A ROCK for decades and will continue to do so.

Let us not mistake an occasional rise here and there for a trend. When statistics are compiled on an annual basis, a change within a single year alone does not necessarily signify any kind of trend. Such small fluctuations are common since reality does not change to fit annual measurements. The genius of statistics, however, is that it allows us to see trends over significant periods. In the case of annual statistics, we can only see trends when we examine data over longer periods, such as every five years or every ten years.

With that in mind, I invite all to look at the actual numbers with regard to the Total Fertility Rate in the Philippines.

These numbers are from the UN Populatrion Division (http://esa.un.org/unpp/p2k0data.asp) and represent several types of projections (low-, high-, and mid-variant projections, and a constant fertility model).

Please note, however, that the numbers until 2005-2010 are all IDENTICAL. That is because this is HISTORICAL data, not projections. Of course 2010 is not yet over, but these numbers are actually only until July 1, 2010 (as judged form the most recent data avaiulable). I have highlighted the periods of 1955-1960 and 2005-2010 to assist people who want to make a comparison from the last fifty years.


The Country’s Worst Jackasses October 7, 2009

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Along with the good things in life, there are the bad. And then there are the really rotten eggs. So here’s a list guaranteed to ruin any ice cream you’ve got: The Five Worst Jackasses in the Philippines.

Just one thing before we get started. If you don’t agree with my choices, then make your own. Just don’t put me on it. I deserve a list all to myself.

1. Congressman Edcel Lagman

The principal author and most prominent congressional pusher of the RH/abortion Bill (aka HB 5043), this unscrupulous Trapo (traditional politician) got his sick “reproductive health” (RH) Bill from radical NGOs that are funded by foreign abortion rights groups. As expected, the draconian Bill will sneak abortion into the country by funding the distribution of abortifacient contraceptives all over the country. What’s worse is that he wants to force others to assist him in his dirty work by threatening doctors and health workers who refuse to dispense these or to make referrals with imprisonment and heavy fines. To top it off, his Bill even seeks to punish those who speak out against it! So much for choice and free speech. How anti-democracy can you get?

Of course, he’ll never admit the real agenda behind the RH advocacy, which is eventual legalization of some form of abortion in the Philippines. He will continue to sugar-coat it for public consumption. This guy takes the cake. He is a danger to all unborn children. Vote him out of Congress! My song for this two-faced, despot wannabe: “Dirty Work,” by The Rolling Stones.

2. and 3. Erap and Gloria Arroyo

Among the biggest mistakes made by Filipinos were giving these two their chances to run our government: the former for only a mercifully short but brain-dead period; the latter for way too long. Both have shafted the Filipino people royally.

More bad news: Erap may be running for President again — I can see the dark clouds gathering! Come on, people! Do we really want a convicted plunderer running the country again? We replaced him with GMA, but she was more than a disappointment. GMA pardoned him out of political expediency. Her principles sure went out the window with that one. And she is still ruining our political and judicial institutions. Can’t we find a way to jail her too?

Erap and his lapdogs don’t even understand what decent governance is; GMA and her sycophants couldn’t care less. Both will take whatever power and money they can get their grubby hands on if given half a chance. They deserve each other. No way should they — or their accomplices — ever be allowed to get anywhere close to holding a government position ever again.

A pox on both their houses! My song for this gang of thieves: “Won’t Get Fooled Again,” by The Who.


Forgive Me, Tita Cory August 15, 2009

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Cory in 1986

This article of mine appeared in Celebrity Sun.Star on August 9, 2009 (http://specials.sunstar.com.ph/entertainment/?p=952). I think it also appeared in the print edition of Sun Star Cebu on August 8, 2009

One February day 1986, somewhere on EDSA, I wondered if I would really be ready to die for my country; for freedom and democracy. Could I really? Well, it was too late to turn back. The soldiers were coming for Camp Crame.

I heard June Keithley’s voice on Radyo Bandido announcing that Marcos loyalist forces were moving in. There was more than a hint of alarm and dread in her words. This was it, I thought. The soldiers were moving in.

I felt real, mortal fear. What would I do if I were in the path of an armored car or staring at the muzzle of an assault rifle? Would I take a stand or run?

Then I heard the National Anthem over the speakers. A familiar tune to which in the past I had often onlly grudgingly gave respect. But today I realized what it stood for. I stopped at the center island of EDSA, raised my heart to God and shed tears. I guess many others were doing the same. I had never sung the Lupang Hinirang with as much fervor as I did that morning, choking with emotion and close to shaking in fear. Though we were all afraid, we took heart in that suddenly stirring martial tune. If some of us were going to die, we would at least die on our feet, standing up for our beliefs. I was a proud to be a Filipino.

And so I chose to stand with the millions of ordinary Filipinos, praying that People Power would not turn into a bloody massacre. But if it came to that, I hoped, and doubted too, that I would be ready to give up my life for my country, my people.

No rivers of blood flowed that day. The helicopters that landed at Camp Crame had joined Ramos and Enrile. The soldiers were stopped far from where I had stood with a group near the Camp Aguinaldo corner of Corinthian Gardens. Later we heard that the loyalist forces had pulled back and Ramos had the initiative. Soon after Cory took her oath of office at Club Pilipino, Marcos left the country peacefully. Our merciful God gave us the miracle of People Power.

Now, 23 years later, having survived without EDSA without actually coming close to being harmed, I wonder if I ever truly lived for them.


Project MMX March 11, 2009

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The Ang Kapatiran Party (AKP) is running Project MMX, a principle-driven initiative to change the face of Philippine politics.

The AKP describes itself as  a pro-God, pro-life, pro-family, pro-peace, pro-common good, pro-accountability. pro-servant leadership, pro-worker, and pro-environment political party. It is also anti-trapo, anti-gambling, anti-dynasty. anti-death penalty, anti-violence, anti-red tape anti-drugs, anti-pork barrel, and anti-graft and corruption.

You can learn more about Project MMX from this video:

I highly recommend that you visit the Ang Kapatiran Party websites too. Here they are:

Our beloved Philippines needs REAL CHANGE. We must go back to our Christian values and steadfast moral absolutes. Is the Ang Kapatiran Party an effective way of achieving that goal? Find out for yourselves!

Kill Bill 5043 October 11, 2008

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Congressman Lagman’s anti-life Bill pending in Congress is now known as consolidated House Bill 5043. Sadly, it contains the same abortion-promoting and coercive provisions as previous versions.

Couples for Christ has launched an online campaign against this monstrosity posing as a “health” Bill.

Kill Bill 5043

There’s another petition against HB 5043, this time created by an individual. Please sign this too!

No to Reproductive Health Bill (HB5043)

Be counted and kill this murderous Bill! We have to stand and protect the rights of unborn children and the right of each of person to follow his conscience, free of government coercion. Online petitions may not have the force of written petitions with real signatures, but they do have some moral force. If you wish to register your opposition to this Bill online, you may do so using those petitions.

If you have time, you may also wish to write a letter to your favorite newspaper, your local government officials, and to your Congressman and any Senator. Let them know you are against this coercive and dangerous Bill.

And in 2010, make sure you DON’T vote for Lagman and his accomplices in Congress.

Resources (update to this post)

Highway Robbery September 23, 2008

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It seems to me the greatest irony that a nation blessed with as much talent and resources as the Philippines should also be cursed with some of the most incompetent, stupid, uncaring, and corrupt leaders ever to walk the earth. That sad situation has again been brought to the fore by the mindless machinations of another corruption-ridden government agency: the Land Transportatiion Office (LTO).

In a mind-boggling display of idiocy, the LTO has decided to implement an Administrative Order that, among other things, prohibits “unauthorized” modifications to the original designs of motorcycles. There are no other qualifications or specifications to this ban, and it can easily be interpreted to include even those modifications that actually improve safety and performance, as well as non-safety related modifications such as using non-original yet harmless aftermarket accessories!

In other words, if you so much intend to put better tires on your bike to replace bald, worn out original tires, you need some “approval” from the DTI! So if your replacement tires are of a superior design or material, but “unapproved”, you can be fined for improving your ride.