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Penitential Walk for Life March 22, 2011

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The Metropolitan Cathedral in Cebu packed with pro-life supporters attending Mass

Thousands of pro-life Cebuanos, led by Cebu Archbishop Jose Palma, trekked some two kilometers on a wet, drizzly Saturday evening from Fuente Osmena to the Metropolitan Cathedral to pray for the protection of life and to dramatize their opposition to the RH/Abortion bill now being debated in Congress.

The March 19 “Penitential Walk for Life” was called for by the archbishop, which also coincided with his 61st birthday. The walk started at 6PM at Fuente Osmena and ended with a Mass celebrated by the archbishop and two auxiliary bishops, with some 5000 people in attendace, as estimated in an article by the Cebu Daily News, a local newspaper. Other observers estimated the total crowd that participated at different points along the route to be much bigger, with estimates ranging from 10,000 to as high as 20,000 persons.

Quite notably, Sun Star Cebu did not report on the event at all, at least not by March 24, a full five days after.

Other forms of mobilization against the RH/Abortion bill are being planned.


Cebu Archbishop Jose Palma walks down Osmena Ave. to the Metropolitan Cathedral


Legal abortion violates human rights August 6, 2010

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The Ang Kapatiran Party (AKP) has issued a statement on the call by a foreign law firm for the legalization of abortion in the Philippines. The text is below.

Ang Kapatiran Party
August 6, 2010

Legal abortion violates human rights

The Ang Kapatiran Party (AKP) condemns in the strongest possible terms the reckless, irresponsible, and inhuman call for the legalization of abortion in the Philippines by the Center for Reproductive Rights (CRR). A foreign law firm, the CRR has released a report where it wrongly blames the continued criminalization of abortion as a source of women’s rights violations.

Our nation’s pro-life laws do not violate the rights of women. Rather, they protect the inalienable right to life of all persons, including the unborn, around half of whom are female. Abortion is the murder of the weakest and most innocent of all human beings. It is the ultimate violation of human rights.

The abortion industry is a worldwide monstrosity that has killed more human beings in just 40 years (approximately ONE BILLION unborn children) than all the wars in the history of mankind (around 400 million). This form of mass murder must not be made legal in the Philippines.

The CRR’s call for legal abortion also reveals the hidden agenda of the pro-RH advocates who are pushing for the passage of Congressman Edcel Lagman’s RH/Abortion Bill. No less than U.S. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton has publicly acknowledged that the Obama administration’s worldwide reproductive health agenda — whose many agents in the Philippines receive its financial support either directly or indirectly — includes the promotion of abortion.

It is not surprising, therefore, that the Lagman bill explicitly funds the procurement and distribution of abortifacient contraceptives. Such contraceptives have been shown to cause early-term abortions by preventing the implantation and development of the fertilized egg — which is already a newly-conceived human being — in the womb. This is clearly against the Philippine Constitution which protects the unborn from conception which begins at fertilization (the union of sperm and egg).