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“Homosexual Sensitivity” classes? June 15, 2010

Posted by Maddog in Catholicism, Prolife Issues, Religion and Social Issues.
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It looks like the Department of Education may be opening a Pandora’s box with its plan to teach sex education modules to young kids.

Now we have a gay group wanting schools to teach “homosexual sensitivity” as well. Check out this story in the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

Gay group wants homosexuality to be taught kids, too

BAGUIO CITY—If government is ready to teach children about sex, shouldn’t it be ready also to teach children about homosexuality so the gay community would no longer be a punch line to a joke?

The Lesbians for National Democracy (Lesbond) here has launched an education campaign on homosexuality and homophobia for universities and the media but which is also being re-crafted so it may be used to reach out to elementary school pupils.

The group developed a module culled from several masters’ theses in the University of the Philippines Baguio, which describe the history, sociology and societal behavior that has sustained homophobia in the Philippines, said Lesbond member Julie Palaganas.

Palaganas said the Department of Education’s decision to reinstitute sex education meant that government educators may also be open to a gender sensitive module on homosexuals.

We shouldn’t be surprised. Once you allow one radical school of thought to teach its beliefs in schools (such as the population control types with their abortifacient contraceptives), you can expect others to demand for the same opportunity.

How about Christian Sensitivity instead?

There is nothing wrong with teaching kids to love and respect people with different views. That, in fact, is what many religions and philosphies teach (although not everyone practices it). But we should NOT teach that any choice of lifestyle is just as good as any other. After all, if anything and everything is good and just “okay”, then nothing is really good. There would be no such thing as right and wrong. If anything is true, nothing is really true.